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Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd and other units have set up the provincial post-doctoral innovation practice base

2018-12-20 13:56:00

Weihai Honglin Electronic Co., Ltd  established [shandong postdoctoral innovation practice base]


To actively implement the provincial "double double guide" conference spirit, promote the old and the new kinetic energy conversion, strengthen the postdoctoral "talent strategic reserve" function, the unit declaration, step by step to recommend, expert review, subject to approval by the human resources social security department of shandong province, on December 13rd, weihai honglin electronics co.,ltd and other two units were approved to set up postdoctoral innovation practice base in shandong province.

Weihai honglin focuses on scientific research and development and high-level personnel training. In the postdoctoral work substation according to the country, Shandong province, Weihai city’s requirements, recruiting training postdoctoral talents to meet development needs of the scientific research project, postdoctoral research closely linked the market and customer requirements, continuously improved product performance, contributed to the company's product quality improvement, which laid a foundation for innovation and development.


In the future, Weihai honglin will continue to increase investment in postdoctoral work, improve postdoctoral management, establish multi-channel and multi-level management mechanism, and actively create conditions for postdoctoral researchers to carry out scientific research, academic exchanges and social services. To improve the conditions of postdoctoral researchers' scientific research and living conditions, to create a good environment for them to devote themselves to scientific research activities.


Base is an important carrier to cultivate and attract high-level innovative talents. Under the leadership of the provincial and municipal departments concerned, Weihai honglin will actively implement the national and provincial management system and related requirements for postdoctoral work, earnestly strengthen the construction of the base, and make contributions to the healthy development of postdoctoral career in our city. (Weihai honglin project management department/wang wenxia)

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