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Quality assurance, sustainable management

"Quality assurance, sustainable management" is the company's permanent business philosophy. The company has a complete range of products, and excellent quality to win the industry praise, the current certification: China CCC certification, German VDE certification, Japanese JET certification, Korean KC certification, UL certification, etc. The system certification is: 2015 edition quality management system certification (ISO90001).

Experimental test platform has been identified as the world's third international industry group certification laboratories, ITS global international organization in the fourth DEKAR certification laboratories, CNAS national certification laboratory, approved laboratory, key laboratory of weihai, etc., according to different products, set up a corresponding perfect testing and experiment center, complete testing and experiment equipment and industry senior quality assurance personnel guarantee the quality of the company's products in the industry in a leading level.

Environmental testing

Equipment low toxicity detection equipment Detect dimensions/achieve results qualitative and quantitative detection of various harmful substances

Electrical performance test

Equipment withstand voltage tester terminal section analyzer voltage drop tester Electronic Load insulation resistance tester Detect dimensions/achieve results to test the product insulation protection, withstand voltage and other characteristics, to ensure the electrical characteristics of the product

Mechanical properties testing

Equipment intelligent temperature rise test instrument plug socket life testing machine quadratic element the X-ray apparatus swing machine computer automatic insertion force testing machine electronic tensile testing machine video test instrument pendulum impact tester, etc. Detect dimensions/achieve results to ensure the service life of the product and the use of performance, the product quality in various extreme conditions

Environmental test

Equipment dustproof test box box-type pendulum rain tester salt spray test machine ozone aging test box combustion tester cold and heat shock constant temperature and humidity, etc. Detect dimensions/achieve results ensure that the products meet the requirements of various harsh use environment

Quality is the life, Customer-oriented

Through years of practice and accumulation, to achieve product quality control, production process constantly improving and customer's trust of product quality. The group will always adhere to the principle of "quality as life, customer-oriented", to meet customer needs as the guide, to provide customers with high-quality products.

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